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Cap Hat Visor

This one-pager was written and illustrated for inclusion in Anthony Meloro's Electric Cruise zine, which premiered at SPX.

Cap Hat Visor.jpg

Nekhbet #2

The second Nekhbet comic is quite sad. It was made for SPX in 2014.

Nekhbet 2.jpg

Nekhbet #4

I went back to hand drawing and watercolor for #4, a tale of Nekhbet believing in himself.

Nekhbet 4 spread.jpg

Nekhbet #6

This Nekhbet is a word for word exerpt of an interview with one of the engineers who felt personally, specifically responsible for the tragedy.

Nekhbet 6.jpg

Nekhbet #1

The first Nekhbet comic is arguably the only funny one. I drew it and brought it with me to Fluke in Athens, Georgia in 2014.

Nekhbet 1.jpg

Nekhbet #3

This is the first digitally made issue. I made this in the summer of 2015 and brought it with me to SPX 2015.

Nekhbet 3.jpg

Nekhbet #5

For this issue, I reference both the Marianas Trench and Charles Joseph Minard's map of Napoleon's march. These are very deep cut references. This one's mostly about trenches and maps.

Nekhbet 5.jpg

Nekhbet #7

This Nekhbet is about tripping in New York City.

Nekhbet 7.jpg
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