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Happy new Year!

After taking and passing my test to get licensed for tattooing in Virginia, I did one tattoo on the incredible Michael-Birch Pierce, putting inch and centimeter marks on their index fingers, a testament to their commitment to sewing and working in fiber art. Hopefully these very functional tattoos come in handy as they continue to tour the world doing amazing embroidered portraits and fiber artworks.

Then it was on to December, wrapping up my Drawing class for the semester. I had some truly excellent students this Fall, and their work and attitudes were very inspiring, and being able to work with them in-person was a nice change from the experience of online teaching last year. Once the course had ended, I worked on preparing for the holiday season, making giftcards for tattooing, cookies for friends and relatives, and doing some last-minute illustration work for some upcoming projects, most notably my prosthesis design for my close friend Kate's leg. She asked for a drawing of David Bowie riding Cthulhu, and I delivered!

I did one more session in December before entering the new year, a mother-daughter matching tattoo session that was really special. These little strawberries were adorable tattoos and really a delight to make!

I'm looking forward to more tattooing sessions this January, and some more illustration projects around the corner.

Stay in touch, and let me know if I can help with tattoo or illustration work!

Happy 2022, everyone! Good things ahead!


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