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I got a tattoo! And I did one!

Last week I took a quick trip up to New York City to Dukkha Tattoo in Greenpoint. It was an awesome experience, as Mary Black, the artist I worked with, has been someone on my radar since I began my journey in tattooing. It's been a goal for a long time for me to get a tattoo from her, so I was super excited when I was able to make the connect and schedule a session to put a big ole rhubarb stalk on my shoulder. She was a sweetheart to talk to, available, fun and of course, incredibly talented with her tattooing. The session ended with some color work and now my shoulder is heavily rhubarbed. Thanks so much to Mary and Dukkha for being awesome and a special shout out to Imrich Kovacs who helped out on the color work!

This is the inside of the Dukkha tattoo shop.
Dukkha Tattoo shop space!

My Mary Black rhubarb stalks!

When I got back to Richmond, I was able to meet up with an awesome co-worker at VCU for a tattooing session. I tattooed this little rabbit on her leg for her!


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