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I went to Denver, Colorado and enjoyed a visit with the delightful Landon Morgan at All Sacred tattoo. Way back in October of 2021, I put in a request for a tattoo that related to my comic series, Nekhbet, and asked Landon to make a design that featured an egyptian vulture coughing up smoke that held a hamster. After a consultation meeting in January, we set a date for May for my tattoo and worked up a prelim

inary design for the piece. The whole process was great and I love what Landon came up with, but yikes! This was an incredibly painful process and a very long session. After 7 and a half hours of ouch, here's what my butt/leg looks like now:

After the tattoo, my wife, Debbie, and I went up to Rocky Mountain National Park, saw Molchat Doma in concert and explored Denver and Boulder. It was an awesome trip and I'm so excited to have work from an artist I admire so much.


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